Our Southwest Chapter is continuing our theme, “Mexico, the New China”, and encouraging companies from the United States that are manufacturing in China to move to Mexico regarding manufacturing because of the increased cost they are absorbing regarding export to the United States.

We are working with Carlos Vargas Contreras, International Investment Director for Gomez Palacio,Durango, as well as the Mayor of Gomez Palacio, Durango – Marina Vitela Rodriguez.

The US delegation will meet more than 20 companies for manufacturing and call center locations and universities, as well as American companies manufacturing in Mexico that work in the automotive industry and that could possibly have a  need for call center assistance.

The Trade Mission will take place February 12th thru February 14th.

For more information please contact:

Josie F. Orosco

SW Executive Director

United States – Mexico

Chamber of Commerce

817 881 0264