Friday May 25, 2018 – Washington, D.C. – The United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the recipients of the prestigious “Good Neighbor Awards” which were presented during the Good Neighbor Awards Gala scheduled for May 24, 2018 at the Organization of American States headquarters, in Washington, D.C.

This year the Award was presented to:

“José Juan de Olloqui Award for Hemispheric Leadership”

Ambassador Thomas A. Shannon, U.S. Department of State Undersecretary for Political Affairs

In celebration to his career in the U.S. Foreign Service, and for his strong advocacy for dialogue, trade and investment in the Hemisphere.

Good Neighbor Award for the Public Sector

Hon. Roberta S. Jacobson, U.S. Ambassador to Mexico
For her extraordinary leadership and public service career in the State Department, and for her dedication in cultivating and supporting initiatives that bring the U.S. and Mexico closer.

Hon. Enrique de la Madrid Cordero, Secretary of Tourism of Mexico
In recognition to his strategic role in fostering the tourism development in Mexico, achieving record growth of the country’s tourism sector, which has increased investment and business opportunities in the North American Region.

Special Humanitarian Award

The USMCOC presented a special recognition to three wonderful organizations for their extensive efforts towards recovery in and across both the United States and Mexico after the natural disasters that occurred in 2017.

American Red Cross and Cruz Roja Mexicana
For their united efforts described as follows:

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria
When Hurricane Harvey slammed into Texas, the Mexican Red Cross stepped up to help—deploying 33 volunteers to work alongside the American Red Cross on relief efforts. These highly-skilled disaster responders managed shelter efforts, distributed food and other aid, and provided comfort to people affected by the hurricane. The Mexican Red Cross volunteers were especially valuable connecting with Spanish speaking communities—keeping them up-to-date on the disaster and informing families about the aid available to them. After their rotation in Texas was complete, five Mexican Red Cross volunteers traveled to Puerto Rico to assist aid efforts related to Hurricane Maria.

Mexico Earthquake
When two earthquakes struck Mexico—an 8.1 magnitude quake in Oaxaca and a 7.1 magnitude quake outside of Mexico City—the American Red Cross jumped in to help, even as the organization was responding to multiple large disasters at home. As hurricanes slammed into the USA, the American Red Cross deployed team members to Mexico in the aftermath of the tremblors and has raised $15.6 million for earthquake relief efforts. American Red Cross aid has been used to support Mexican RedCross volunteers as they provided food, water, shelter, medical assistance, temporary shelter, psychosocial support, personal hygiene items, household clean-up kits, blankets, mattresses, stoves, and other essential aid. The American Red Cross is continuing to work with the Mexican Red Cross to support longer-term recovery activities.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

For many years, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has been actively involved in humanitarian relief and development activities throughout the world. These include emergency relief assistance in times of disaster and humanitarian programs that strengthen the self-reliance of individuals, families, and communities.
Humanitarian projects are funded by donations from Church members and others. One hundred percent of these donations go directly to help the poor and needy. In-kind material assistance is provided through items donated by Church members and others.

Each Year, the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce honors public and private sector leaders for their vision and commitment to mutually beneficial relations between Mexico and the United States. The U.S.-Mexico relationship is an important facet of hemispheric relations. The Chamber salutes the individuals and corporations that have led the way toward greater cooperation and partnership between our nations.