Samuel Martinez, retired FBI Special Agent, wrote an eye-opening book entitled Systemic Evil, Mat Perez vs. the FBI

Most countries recognize discrimination is about unfairness and injustice, yet US citizens pigeonhole its meaning into race, gender, culture, language or religion.
Samuel Martinez, retired FBI Special Agent born and raised in El Paso, has written an eye-opening book entitled Systemic Evil, Mat Perez vs. the FBI. The book recounts the historic class action lawsuit filed by 310 Hispanic agents against the FBI for systemic discrimination. Read the incredible stories of professional, well-educated, experienced agents who testified in the court case heard in El Paso, Texas by Federal Judge Lucius Bunton. The court found Director William Webster and the FBI guilty of employment discrimination and “bankrupt” in equal employment opportunity investigations. Hispanic FBI agents suffered in promotions, transfers and assignments.
Sam raises the intellectual challenge to the discussion of discrimination whereby bias exists in all life forms that can easily turn from inadvertent discriminate management decisions to evil, first by neglect then by retaliation. The book is the voice of fifty-three court testimonies for the plaintiffs and links FBI management’s “white on white” discrimination against then Director William S. Sessions when he chose in concurrence with the Department of Justice not to appeal Judge Bunton’s decision. The agency in charge of investigating civil rights violated the rights of their own employees.
Al Zapanta, CEO of the U.S. – Mexico Chamber of Commerce, a longtime friend of Mat Perez, Sam Martinez and other FBI agents, says in a testimonial, “The author paints the struggles professional Americans faced with pervasive attitudes of discrimination. Hispanics are the fastest growing minority and a major part of the U.S. economy. American society and businesses must hammer away at immigration, economic and political policies that fail Hispanics Americans and other minorities to avoid expensive lawsuits. The recommendations in dealing with discrimination issues proffered in SYSTEMIC EVIL make sense in preventing failed procedures. The stories are personal and overpowering. Read it.”

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