Technology” is defined as “the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment.” Certainly, we see in Mexico today the application of technology in many areas including business, manufacturing, and e-commerce. In 2019, software sales in Mexico reached over $5 billion, while revenue in the e-commerce market amounted to $9 billion. IT services are also fueling the rapidly accelerating tech industry in Mexico and the sector broke sales of $6.2 billion in the same year. In 2020 it was projected that more than half of the Mexican population will have a smartphone and that 93 percent of online shoppers in Mexico were smartphone users.

Of course, the creation and application of technology requires new sets of skills and the academic community in Mexico has been working to provide those. Mexico is producing graduates in engineering and technology at rates that challenge its international rivals, including the US. Mexico reportedly graduates over 120,000 new engineers a year, and the Mexican government is working hard to create tech jobs locally. One state that has excelled not only in the graduation of engineers but also in the development of new universities and the placement of engineers locally is Jalisco. Guadalajara is the high-tech capital of Mexico and the state has 12 universities, including a campus of the prestigious Tecnológico de Monterrey, producing 85,000 graduates in IT a year. In the past four years an estimated US $120 million has been invested in more than 300 high-tech startups in the state.

We have a lot to explore and have put together an excellent list of speakers from Mexico to cover a number of topics on technology. Please join us for what will be a very enlightening session!

Expert panelists:

Ambassador Reyna Torres Mendivil, Consul General of Mexico in Chicago

Miguel Gomez, Senior Managing Director – Americas, Transom Group

Jorge Sandoval, Partner, Goodrich Riquelme y Asociados

Ernesto Sánchez Proal, Secretary of Economic Development, State of Jalisco

Flor de Maria Lopez, Director of HP Guadalajara and Director of IT Governance and Compliance

Benjamin Huerta, Director of AMDOCS and President of the Jalisciense Institute of Technologies Information (IJALTI) Cluster Manager 

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