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Buen Vecino Internship Program (BVIP)


Student applicants to the program must be bilingual (English/Spanish) and meet the 3.0 GPA minimum requirement. Only students from universities that have a signed memorandum of understanding with the USMCOC may participate. Students apply through their university’s BVIP Coordinator and must complete a rigorous screening process, which includes professor recommendations, two personal interviews, and a written essay. Applicants should be undergraduate upper-division students who will not have graduated from the university at the time of participation in the Buen Vecino Internship Program. All candidates must be legal citizens of the country where they study.



“My placement was in accordance with my academic background. I was forced to learn a new area of business of which I had no prior knowledge and experience…. Living with a family relieves many of the pressures that automatically come with visiting a foreign country…. I would strongly encourage those who are interested in international business, those who seek to improve foreign language skills, and/or those who are simply looking for a cross-cultural experience.”

— 1998 BVIP Intern


“My placement was absolutely accurate, its activities matched perfectly with my major…. The home stay situation is the component that makes this program different from others…. I would absolutely recommend this program because it is a great opportunity to practice your theoretical knowledge.”

–1998 BVIP Intern