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Programs & Activities / Past

Buen Vecino Internship Program (BVIP)


Corporate supervisors of the Buen Vecino Internship Program benefit from the students bilingual ability and dedicated work ethic. Different perspectives of culture and business are shared and gained through the two-month experience by the students and supervisors alike. Many times the students have later become employees of the company where they interned.
An overview of U.S.-Mexico business relations through contact with the USMCOC.



“I have participated in the Buen Vecino Internship Program for the last two years as the intern’s immediate supervisor and had the pleasure to coach/tutor two outstanding candidates. I believe the students develop a better understanding of the ‘business world’ and increase their knowledge of U.S. culture, helping them become more productive in whichever country they decide to practice their trade. In return, the participating company profits in many ways, such as a tangible contribution to their goals as well as the opportunity to gain a candid perspective of how the company is perceived by a neighboring country in which it does business…. The students bring with them a fresh, newly learned viewpoint of the business environment from school, and quickly close the gap between school and the workplace by the end of their internship…. Again, I extend my support to the BVIP in this unique form of learning.”

–1997 & 1998 BVIP Corporate Supervisor