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Binational Board of Directors Meeting, Conference & Good Neighbor Awards Gala

May 14-15, 2014

José Antonio Meade Kuribreña | Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico

north america1-img

José Antonio Meade has served as Secretary of Foreign Affairs for Mexico since 2012. Dr. Meade was born in Mexico City, and received his BA in Economics from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México. He also received a BA in Law from the National University of Mexico and a PhD in Economics from the University of Yale.


Dr. Meade has taught Microeconomics and Macroeconomics courses at ITAM and Yale University, as well as courses in Economic Analysis of the Law at ITAM’s Master’s Program in Public Policy.


Dr. Meade has served as Director General of Financial Planning at the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System (CONSAR), Deputy Secretary for the Protection of Banking Savings at the Institute for the Protection of Banking Savings (IPAB), Director General of the National Bank of Rural Credit, BANRURAL, Director General of Banking and Savings at the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit, Director General of Financiera Rural. Dr. Meade has also served as Secretary of Energy, Secretary of Finance and Public Credit and, in his current role, Secretary of Foreign Affairs for Mexico.


Alan Bersin | Assistant Secretary of International Affairs and Chief Diplomatic Officer U.S. Department of Homeland Security


Alan Bersin commenced service as Assistant Secretary of International Affairs and Chief Diplomatic Officer for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on January 3, 2012. As Chief Diplomatic Officer, Bersin oversees DHS’s international engagement and serves as the principal advisor to the Secretary in all matters pertaining to international affairs. Additionally, Bersin serves as Vice President of INTERPOL for the Americas Region and is a member of the INTERPOL Executive Committee, having been elected to those positions at INTERPOL’s 81st General Assembly in November 2012.


From 2010 to 2011, Bersin served as Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection and in 2009, Bersin served as Assistant Secretary and Special Representative for Border Affairs in the Department of Homeland Security.


Prior to his service with DHS, Bersin served as Chairman of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority. Between July 2005 and December 2006, Mr. Bersin served as California’s Secretary of Education in the Administration of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Governor Schwarzenegger also appointed Mr. Bersin to the State Board of Education, where until 2009 he served as a member confirmed by the California State Senate. Between 1998 and 2005, Bersin served as Superintendent of Public Education in San Diego. Prior to becoming Superintendent in San Diego, Bersin was appointed by President Bill Clinton to serve as the United States Attorney for the Southern District of California and confirmed in that capacity by the U.S. Senate.


In 1968, Mr. Bersin received his A.B. in Government from Harvard University (magna cum laude). He was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society and awarded post-graduate scholarships by the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the National Football Hall of Fame. While at Harvard, Mr. Bersin was selected as a member of the All-Ivy, All-New England and All-East football teams and was inducted into the Harvard Varsity Club Hall of Fame in 1995. From 1969 to1971, Mr. Bersin attended Balliol College at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. In 1974, he received his J.D. from the Yale Law School. Mr. Bersin was awarded the degree of Doctor of Laws (Honorary) by the University of San Diego in 1994, by California Western School of Law in 1996, and by the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 2000. He is fluent in Spanish.


American Science & Engineering, Inc. AS&E


Formed in 1958, AS&E began as a developer of scientific instruments for NASA, founded by a group of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In 1959, future Nobel laureate Dr. Riccardo Giacconi joined AS&E and put together an elite X-ray astronomy team. In the coming decades, Dr. Giacconi’s team made a succession of scientific breakthroughs, including the discovery of the first known X-ray source outside the solar system (1962) and the first successful soft X-ray photograph of the sun (1965).


In subsequent years, AS&E went on to develop advanced technologies in the fields of defense, education, medicine, non-destructive testing, and security, such as low energy, high-resolution Computed Tomography (CT) scanning of the human body—the same technology that is used today in medical diagnostic-scanning systems around the world (1976). In addition, AS&E also developed the first cargo X-ray imaging system used by the U.S. Government to scan rail cars leaving Russian missile factories (1989). And AS&E developed the first mobile X-ray inspection system with the MobileSearch (1994).


Today, AS&E focuses on designing and manufacturing world-class inspection technologies, with expertise building on our heritage of innovation.


To learn more about AS&E please visit: as-e.com



Charles P. (Chuck) Dougherty
President and Chief Executive Officer
American Science & Engineering, Inc.

Charles P. (Chuck) Dougherty was named President and Chief Executive Officer of American Science and Engineering, Inc. (“AS&E”) in 2013, after more than 30 years of building successful global technology businesses. Under his leadership, AS&E has begun executing on key growth initiatives, leveraging the company’s domain expertise and financial strength to expand its global markets while continuing to develop innovative X-ray detection solutions and technological applications.


Before joining AS&E, Mr. Dougherty was President of the Communications and Industrial Solutions (CIS) segment of TE Connectivity, formerly Tyco Electronics, one of the largest suppliers of components and value-added assemblies in the industrial, telecommunications, consumer-electronics, medical-devices and solar-energy markets. Mr. Dougherty previously served as President of the Wireless Systems segment of Tyco Electronics, continuing in that leadership role as Presi­dent of the Public Safety and Pro­fessional Communications business unit after Harris Corpora­tion acquired the segment.


Prior to joining Tyco Electronics, Mr. Dougherty served at Motorola, Inc., for 25 years in a number of leadership positions, most recently as Vice President and General Manager of the Voice and Data Solutions Group for Motorola’s Connected Home Solutions business.


Mr. Dougherty holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Villanova University and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


Grupo Bimbo


Grupo Bimbo, S.A.B. de C.V., established in Mexico in 1945, is today the most important Baking Company in the world on the basis of brand positioning, production volume and sales. Grupo Bimbo is also, the undisputable leader in the field in Mexico, Latin America and the United States. It has presence in 19 countries in America, Asia and Europe; has over 10,000 products and over 100 brands of acknowledged prestige.


In 2013, Grupo Bimbo reached over 176 billion pesos in sales. It has 144 production plants and 124,000 associates globally. Since 1980, Grupo Bimbo shares have traded on the Mexican Stock Exchange.


Grupo Bimbo is also leader in adopting environment friendly production processes, which range from reducing the water consumed during the elaboration of its products, to researching and implementing technologies in order to reduce the companie’s carbon footprint.


In 2014, given the launch of the Decade of Sustainable Energy for All by the United Nations (2014-2024), Grupo Bimbo reassures the commitment with the environment, by taking sustainable environment programs to those countries where it has presence.


To learn more about Grupo Bimbo please visit: grupobimbo.com


Raúl Argüelles
Chief Human Relations Officer
Grupo Bimbo


Raúl Argüelles joined Grupo Bimbo in January of 2012 and is currently the Chief Human Relations Officer. Mr. Arguelles is responsible for Personal, Institutional Relations and Corporate Relations for Bimbo’s operations in 19 countries around the world. He is a member of the Executive Committee and reports directly to Daniel Servitje, President of the Board and Director General of Grupo Bimbo.


Previously, Mr. Argüelles served as Senior Vice President of Corporate Relations for Walmart in Mexico and Central America for more than 8 years. Mr. Argüelles also spent 11 years with the National Bank of External Commerce (Bancomext), serving as Deputy Director General of Export Development for 7 years. Mr. Argüelles has also served as professor of Engineering at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).


Raúl Argüelles received his undergraduate degree with honors in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. He received his Master’s degree in Engineering Administration from Stanford, and has participated in courses and seminars at the Stanford, Harvard and Michigan Business Schools.


He is currently an advisor to the US-Mexico Foundation and sits on the Mexico-US Business Committee for the Mexican Council for Exterior Commerce.


In his personal life, Mr. Argüelles is an avid marathon runner and has completed an Ironman triathlon.