Albert Zapanta, President of the USMCOC travels to Mexico City and meets with officials from the Ministry of Economy, Senator Héctor Vasconcelos, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, and attends the U.S. Embassy reception to celebrate the
243rd Anniversary of the of the Independence of the United States

July 11, 2019

Las Colinas-Irving, TX.- Following up on the work for the North American Working Group in support of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), Albert Zapanta President and CEO of the U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce traveled to Mexico City, where he had the opportunity to conduct meetings to establish collaboration and communication channels with Mexico’s new Presidential Administration, among other activities.
Albert Zapanta and José García Torres, President of the Valle de México Chapter, based in Mexico City, met with Lydia Antonio de la Garza, Director General of Trade Agreements at the Ministry of Economy. Mr. Zapanta expressed to her the Chamber’s support to the USMCA, shared the report of the visit to D.C. in June and discussed some of the concerns expressed by members of the U.S. Congress during the visit to D.C. last month. In particular, indications that labor unions in Mexico are pushing to eliminate the obligation for a direct and secret ballot to elect their leaders, which may modify the labor law approved in May 2019.
Mr. Zapanta met with Senator Héctor Vasconcelos, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Senator Vasconcelos, a career diplomat who holds the rank of Ambassador, is a strong supporter of the USMCA and was very pleased with the Chamber’s advocacy in favor of the Agreement.
Mr. Zapanta was invited to a luncheon sponsored by Sofftek, at Club de Industriales, with the presence of Softtek leaders Beni Lopez, CEO for US and Canada Operations, Vince Chapa, VP of North American Sales, and Eduardo Guerrero, VP of Governmental Affairs. Mr. Lopez and Mr. Chapa are members of the Chamber’s Binational Board of Directors.
The agenda for the trip included dinner with Pedro Hartmann and Jorge Perez from ARCH Staffing & Consulting, Eduardo Gallastegui, Managing Partner of DLA Piper Gallastegui y Lozano, also a Board Member of the Chamber, and Javier Lozano, former Secretary of Labor in Mexico (2006-2011) and Senator for the State of Puebla (2012-2018), who is currently focused on his private law practice, where is specializes in telecommunications, and provides consulting in media management and strategies.
Mr. Zapanta attended the reception to celebrate the 243th Anniversary of the U.S. Independence, hosted by Mr. John S. Creamer, Chargé d’Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City. Traditionally an exceptional reception, with the attendance of leaders from The Americas. The Chairman of the USMCOC Binational Board José Zozaya, President and Executive Representative of Kansas City Southern de México also attended this reception, along with Alfonso Garcia Cacho, CEO of Mexico Business Summit, and also Vice Chairman of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, and Kenneth Smith-Ramos former Minister for Economic Affairs at the Mexican Embassy in Washington, D.C. and Chief Negotiator of the USMCA in the previous administration.
The USMCOC will continue its efforts to support passage of the USMCA. We anticipate a follow-up trip to Washington, D.C. July 24-26, for meetings with Congressional Leaders and Administration officials.