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Programs & Activities / Current

A Connect Mexico (USMCOC & UMEXX) Project Summary

Small to Medium size Mexican companies (“SME”) are poised to experience unprecedented growth. The organizers of Connect Mexico passionately believe this outcome to be imminent, as led by the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce (“USMCOC” or “Chamber”) and the United States Mexico Market Exchange (“UMEXX”).


The Chamber and UMEXX (together “Organizers”) will consolidate the power of 2,000 selected SME companies representing a target of $10 Billion (U.S.D.) in combined revenues. These companies are to be connected

together under one system, and more importantly through one common interest to improve their infrastructure, technologies, and revenues.


The selected SME companies will gain significant benefits as a group and individually, with sales forces from UMEXX able to win unmatched large contracts on their behalf, including providing them access to highly discounted supply chain services (i.e. transportation, logistics,

warehousing) and information technologies (i.e. supply chain applications, environmental information, manufacturing optimization, enterprise solutions).


Mexico’s star is rising, fueled by political and emerging economic stability which is the main impetus for increased business activity and new opportunities. Trucks have now begun to travel freely across the U.S. and Mexico, and accordingly the economic benefits of our joined

geographies and NAFTA can further be leveraged; especially by the manufacturing and agriculture sector. A serious challenge to China’s manufacturing will thus result.


Organization and Alliances


The Chamber and UMEXX is a public-private-partnership (PPP) that created the Connect Mexico project and will jointly continue to mobilize substantial resources for its completion. The Chamber is primarily the

marketing arm in front of the 2,000 companies, whereas UMEXX is the execution arm for connectivity, distribution of products and services, and sales. The following esteemed alliances (“Alliances”) are also driven to advance the success of SME companies through their support of Connect Mexico 2008: