September 9-10, 2018. Four Seasons Hotel & Resort, Las Colinas-Irving, Texas





The victory of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in Mexico’s presidential elections, has brought a new wave of optimism in the country. During his campaign, he promised to fight corruption and also to provide support to most vulnerable groups of the population. The business community has expressed their willingness to work with the new administration, but there are a number of questions in regards to the execution of the policies he has announced.

Lopez Obrador has now recognized NAFTA as instrumental for Mexico’s economy and both current and incoming administrations have made clear that it is a priority to conclude the negotiations to provide certainty to investors. From the U.S. side, USTR’s Robert Lighthizer, has expressed the U.S. interest of concluding the renegotiations in August, in time for President Peña Nieto to sign the agreement. This is, undoubtedly, good news for those who feared that NAFTA would come to an end.

The 4th North American Sustainable Economic Development Summit, will offer a forum to discuss these very relevant topics for the U.S.-Mexico relationship. We are inviting key players of the administration of President Peña Nieto, and also nominated cabinet members of Lopez Obrador, to share with us their views and priorities to transform Mexico, and also U.S. members of Congress to discuss the upcoming Mid-term elections.

Join us on September 9th and 10th! At the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas, in Irving, Texas.


Some of the specific topics to be addressed will be:

  • Mexico’s New International Airport

  • Mexico’s future economy under the new Administration

  • NAFTA Update

  • An overview of Mexican Presidential Elections

  • U.S. Mid-term elections

Registration is now open!
Sponsorship opportunities available. For additional information, please contact Gabriela Kenny at (469) 567-0923.